Health Insurance

Director – Life and Health Division                   Lisa G. Strachan-Turnquest, MSc, CCHM

People before Policies

Product Offering

      • Life Insurance (Term and Whole)
      • Individual Health Insurance
      • Group Health Insurance
      • Marine Crew Insurance
      • Dental and Vision (Group and Individual)
      • Disability Insurance
      • Malpractice Coverage
      • Final Expense Policies
      • Travel Insurance
      • Income Protection
      • Pensions
      • Financial Investments Options

Value Added Services

      • Medical Concierge
      • Virtual Health Seminars
      • Employee Benefit Sessions
      • Insurance Education Sessions
      • Account Management
      • Employee Benefit Co-ordination

Serving you with E.M.P.A.T.H.Y.

  • Educate clients on new and existing health and life insurance products.
  • Make insurance easy to understand so that choices can be made on what is sensible and not just a matter of dollars and cents.
  • Provide clients with a better understanding of their coverage types and levels.
  • Analyze health insurance data to ensure optimum product performance.
  • Advocate to ensure that clients achieve maximum benefits from their health insurance plans
  • Train clients on how to effectively and efficiently maximize health and life benefits and how to navigate through their existing plans.
  • Transparencyall fees are negotiated upfront with our clients.
  • Hold the hands of our clients who face medical matters by assisting with making necessary arrangements when accessing healthcare locally and overseas.
  • You – ensuring that the client’s overall well-being remains the priority.

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